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Dukes Vineyard

To say that we’ve been busy... well enough to make us dizzy
We’ve been running round like headless chooks.
We’ve been in quite a tizzy selling wine that’s white and fizzy
And reds designed for gourmet cooks.

We’ve won a few awards and with drinkers win accords
But the latest one was something unforseen.
It seems to strike the chords with committees and with boards
And lots of other drinkers in between.

It’s the Wine Companion book where discerning drinkers look
To find the wine that they will think is stellar.
An outback shearer’s cook and the local lawyers look
Just to simply quaff or fill their cellar.

Whether silver bronze or gold or a wine that’s young or old
The answer lies within the wine books cover.
A shiraz to buy and hold or a cab that’s big and bold
The companion fits with every good wine lover.

But the latest accolade put all others in the shade
A score that set new records for a wine.
The best Riesling Duke’s has made was released for retail trade
And won a Wine Companion score of ninety nine.

There were calls of admiration and a touch of celebration
When Halliday named it his annual book’s best wine.
But then came anticipation and at Duke’s some consternation
The stocks of wine were starting to decline.

The orders came so fast that all sales records were surpassed
And soon the Riesling stock was done and dusted.
The cellar stocks went last for the wine lovers who called past
And exhausted staff could get their lives adjusted.

Now that was Riesling seventeen and a year’s gone in between
And another Riesling vintage is produced.
All those Riesling lovers green and Duke’s wife the Riesling Queen
With just one taste will be seduced.

The story will unfold for the drinkers young and old
As vintage follows vintage every year.
Eighteen leaves the others in the shade it’s the best wine ever made
Until nineteen vintage becomes the best good cheer.



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