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I have just had hernia surgery and so have a few of my friends
It seems it all catches up with us those years of stretches and bends
But a good friend recently told me that someone he knew quite well
 Had told him the story of a friend of his so it’s true for me to tell

The surgeon at the pre-op told him what to expect
What suffering was likely to fix the long neglect
The very slow recovery that inevitably occurred
And the pain and suffering and the repair that is incurred

He went into detail of the various bits affected
And the work to be carried out with surgery he’d perfected
He didn’t miss the gory bits of what’s chopped out and where
And then concluded that the mesh will work we hope that it won’t tear

By then the prep was done and the patient rose to go
"But just before we finish", made the man’s departure slow
The surgeon had some final words to end the interview
There is a chance, although it’s rare, I’ve only known a few

The tone of voice had a subtle change, the lightness disappeared
The conversation shifted in the direction it was steered
There is a chance he repeated that a sudden tissue tear
Could do unexpected damage to the region under there

He pointed south, below the place the surgery was to show
There is a chance he said again that a testicle may need to go
It’s very rare indeed but in your case can’t be dismissed
The patients’ reaction was that it would be sorely missed

The surgeon reassured him that he’d function just as well with one
And he knew lots of men that had the removal done.
This was little reassurance for a man at his primal best
And he wanted some statistics to put the doctor to his test

The surgeon named a website for the patient to explore
He'd used prosthetic ones numerous times before
Your wife won't know the difference she won't know it's taken place
So get onto the website and see what's in the global market place

The first thing that confused him before the price they charge
Was the simple box to tick medium, small or large?
He skipped that part and went right on to pricing just to see
$75 each but special for today; buy two, get one free!



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