Ben Cane | Precision Pruning Is Paying Off

Budburst 2023

A few weeks back we captured budburst in the Riesling and can officially welcome the start of the 23/24 growing season. We’re pretty excited to say the least.

We began converting across to cane pruning last season from cordon but have done the whole block of the Riesling this year to give us better fruit quality and longevity in the vines. This regenerative approach allows us to shape our future and create the highest quality we can.

Intensive and requiring careful thought, we have looked to the Simonet and Sirch method of pruning which strives to allow continual sap flow to each bud giving the best balance and strength to each potential bunch.

Looking at the evenness of the budbreak, the vines look to be thriving with this care and precision, and thus all the hard work and focus is starting to pay off.

We will look to continue our organic farming principles and to elevate the essence of this site to make better grapes and wine each year.

It’s a long road, but ultimately hugely rewarding as we seek greater detail, health and varietal expression of our fruit and thus wine.

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